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Silent Disco 

Ideal for outdoor festivals, open air city centre parties, weddings, late night parties, general parties, night clubs & much more!

Do you have sound restrictions at your chosen venue or location or just fancy something different at your party? Ask about The Shuffles Silent Disco Headsets and party on! 

What is a Silent Disco? 


A Silent Disco is an event where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. Rather than using a speaker system, music is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the participants.


The Silent Disco in Action!

“You can be sharing a party in your head with the entire dance floor then take your headphones off and have a conversation.” 


“You can have multiple DJs musically battle it out to win over the audience with their chosen colour for their channel” 


“You can have up to three different genres of music playing on three separate channels or one channel for everyone” 


"Thanks so much Chris and the rest of the band - always very quick to respond and alleviate my bridezilla concerns!! The duo, full band and silent disco were fabulous, The dance floor was never empty and I think that's the highest compliment you can give! You also have encouraged our 7 year old nephew even more into becoming a musician!!!! We have had so many comments on how great the band was, so thank you so much! Just need an excuse for another party so we can get you to play for us again!!!! Xx"

Ciara Carpenter, Warren Farm

"Dancing outdoors. It was one of the best things of the night and people are now asking me your contact details :). Massive hit! Many thanks."


Adriana Cabra 

“We booked the Silent Disco for our wedding as the venue we chose wanted the loud music to finish by midnight. We loved the venue so much but wanted to carry on dancing until 01:00 a.m. The Silent Disco made it possible to carry on dancing until 02:00 a.m! we partied and laughed so much. 

The venue was happy and so were we. So glad we made the decision to book The Shuffles Silent Disco. I would definitely recommend this. Thanks for suggesting it Chris!” 


Rebecca & Sam Davies


“We were organising a large ticketed house party and had several rooms with different party themes. When we heard about The Shuffles Silent Disco it was perfect for what we wanted. We had The Shuffles Band in one room, circus performers in another and a DJ room with the Silent Disco. We advertised the Silent Disco on our tickets and it turned out that some people had bought the tickets just for the Silent Disco aspect. Great Job Chris, we will be booking you again for our next party!” 


Henry Powner


“We booked the Silent Disco for our roof top party in the centre of Bristol. The idea was that we wanted to have a big speaker system however the reality meant that this would be far too disturbing for the surrounding offices and shops. Initially we thought about having background music then we had the idea suggested to us that we try the Silent Disco. It was just what we needed. Guests could still chat whilst others could dance to the tracks played by the DJ. Guests thought it was great fun and so different from all other work parties they had preciously attended. Thanks so much for making this happen :)”


Claire Russell

Silent Disco FAQs


Q. How much will it cost? 

A. Email us with the amount of headsets required, location, date and whether or not you need any extra lighting, a DJ or a Technician. Once we have this information we will be able to provide you with a quote for your event. 

Q. How do I book? 

A. Send us an email, pay a deposit and pay the remaining fee up to a week before your event. 

Q. Can you come to my event and hire out your own headsets? 

A. Possibly, send us an email to discuss. 

Q. Can I hire The Shuffles Band, Photo Booth, DJ, Duo & Silent Disco all at once? 

A. Yes.  

Q. Can I hire just the Silent Disco equipment alone (dry hire)?

A. Yes, a contract will be written to ensure that you look after the equipment and return all the headsets and transmitters. Missing or damaged headsets will be charged to the client. 


Q. Does the Silent Disco work outside and inside? 

A. Yes.


Q. Does the Silent Disco have to have a DJ? 

A. Not necessarily although to unite the party it is a good idea.


Q. Can you provide a DJ? 

A. Yes, for an extra fee.

Q. Can I provide my own DJ? 

A. Yes, as long as they have their own DJ equipment. 


Q.  I use my own iPod / device to play tunes on? 

A. Yes, as long as it has a mini jack headphone out.


Q. Can I use my own decks? 

A. Yes as long as it has a phono output or mini jack output. 


Q. Can you provide lighting for my disco? 

A. Yes, for an extra fee. If you have already booked the band or DJ lighting costs will be included. 


Q. Does the Silent Disco require electricity? 

A. headphones use their own internal battery power but the transmitters require to be plugged in to a standard 13 amp power socket. 2 x 13 amp power sockets would be enough. 


Q. How many headsets can you provide? 

A. From 50 - 350 headsets. Please feel free to ask about larger numbers. 


Q. How many different channels can your headsets receive? 

A. Up to 3 channels. 


Q. Can I use my own blue tooth headphones?

A. No, unfortunately our Silent Disco headsets use a different technology to home wireless headphones. 


Q.  How far do you travel? 

A. If travel costs and distance fees are covered anywhere in the world. 

Q. Where are you based? 

A. We are based in Bristol. 

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